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Welcome to Franktown Colorado!

With a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains, Franktown's home on Colorado's high prairie and its convenience to the Denver/Colorado Springs metropolitan area have made our community a popular place to live and work. Nestled at the northern end of the Black Forest, Franktown offers heavily wooded areas of tall Ponderosa Pine, yet spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains.   Franktown is also right next to Castlewood Canyon National Park which makes for a great scenic trip in the area.
Tucked off-the-beaten-path, the town appears to be a crossroads with a couple cafes, a Mexican restaurant and gift boutiques. However the rich history of the town is well preserved at the historical museum just outside town.

The museum is located in an old one-room schoolhouse. Exhibits contain archeological remains, farm tools, mining remnants and more. The museum’s curator, a former tour guide for Denver’s famed Molly Brown House, is filled with interesting facts about Franktown. In addition, one of Franktown’s most famous relics—the Grange—still lies just north of downtown. A historical maker at this 1905 structure explains the unique political and social “farm club” known as The Grange.

Franktown is also a favorite stop for bikers—both motorcyclists and road bikers. For an alternative to miles of flat countryside, outdoor enthusiasts head to Castlewood Canyon State Park. This unique landscape is carved out of the Black Forest and features sheer canyon walls, arid rolling trails and the remains of the century-old Castlewood Canyon Dam. Around the ruins lie miles of scenic hiking trails, numerous technical rock-climbing routes and excellent bird-watching areas.

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